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Stephen Boyle is the 2014 Green Party candidate for US Congress Michigan 14th District. |
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I am a photographer, community activist, and technologist. Fashion, youth, music, and film making are areas that I work - I am also open to hearing from others.
I am able to publish your message online, in print, and partner with you in delivering it to an audience you are seeking.

I can be reached through
phone   1-313-757-2619

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Housing Resource Fair in Northend Detroit 

Get FREE MORTGAGE OR TAX FORECLOSURE ASSISTANCE at our Housing Resource Fair on Thursday September 4 from 5:30-8:30 pm at Vanguard CDC, 2785 East Grand Boulevard

Facing foreclosure is difficult. But you don’t have to face it alone.
Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) is here to help. Join us at our upcoming Housing Resource Fair at Vanguard CDC, located at 2785 East Grand Boulevard to learn more about our free foreclosure prevention assistance.

Please see attached flyer for more information.
Note that you must pre-register online or by phone:
This is how to connect with Michigan’s “Hardest Hit” Funding, a program that properties in Northend qualify for assistance.

     Eleanore Eveleth
     Senior Project Manager, Special Projects

     Vanguard Community Development Corporation
     2795 East Grand Boulevard
     Detroit, MI 48211

     Phone: (313) 556-2014
     Cell: (313) 402-2593
     Fax: (313) 872-9433
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Political Divides of a Two Party System

Control rests with continued Democrats and Republicans being fed through corporatocracy. You can’t honestly look in the lobby dollars on anyone’s campaign in those parties and not see the influence of corporate wealth. Track these bills SJ 19 and HJ 119 as they go through our Legislature now.

Be bold and #GrowTheVote this year. More voters, more AWARE voters. October 6, 2014 is the last day to register to vote or correct your residence - REGISTER TO VOTE

Vote #GreenParty for change. Hold the Electoral system in check, demand full transparency and accountability to the law. DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED. 

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Governor Pothole

Drivers are feeling the pain of bumpier roads and dangerous commutes as Snyder says there’s been “a lot of positive progress,” but has been unable to pass any road funding legislation.

6 things Michiganders are feeling instead of a recovery thanks to Gov. Snyder


Music Playlist: Awaken, then do something 

This playlist was just started up and it will grow as I hear music that I believe is worth sharing. Each artist in the compilation has more than a few tracks worth checking out. I hope you’l enjoy and share this playlist.

I’m sharing this music playlist from the Tumblr for my campaign for US Congress. Please give boyleformichigan a follow to learn more about this greenpartyoftheunitedstates candidate in Michigan running for the 14th district office. 

It is time to #GrowTheVote with awareness and understanding of the issues and bringing people in that will confront them sensibly. This year #GrowTheVote

Campaign donations are accepted from real persons, no corporate donations accepted. That means nothing over $2,600 from any single entity. Getting big money out of politics is extremely important. What matters in our lives is being overshadowed by the value society places on things (and even lives). 


Over 750 organisations are working together to make #PeoplesClimate a historic event #peoplesclimate #peoplesclimatemarch #climatechange

Hyper Realistic Acrylic Body Painting

Alexa Meade thinks completely backwards. Most artists use acrylic paints to create portraits of people on canvas. But not Meade - she applies acrylic paints on her subjects and makes them appear to be a part of the painting!

Meade is an installation artist based in the Washington, DC area. Her innovative use of paint on the three dimensional surfaces of found objects, live models, and architectural spaces has been incorporated into a series of installations that create a perceptual shift in how we experience and interpret spatial relationships.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Meade and ask her about her thought process. Here is what she said:

"I paint representational portraits directly on top of the people I am representing. The models are transformed into embodiments of the artist’s interpretation of their essence. When captured on film, the living, breathing people underneath the paint disappear, overshadowed by the masks of themselves."

Alexa Meade’s website:

Watch her TEDtalk video:




Happening Now at Motown Museum
Happy birthday, Michael Jackson!

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