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Stephen Boyle is the 2014 Green Party candidate for US Congress Michigan 14th District. |
Personal Campaign donations here
I am a photographer, community activist, and technologist. Fashion, youth, music, and film making are areas that I work - I am also open to hearing from others.
I am able to publish your message online, in print, and partner with you in delivering it to an audience you are seeking.

I can be reached through
phone   1-313-757-2619

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The Bottle House

This is from one of the houses of the Goldengate Restoration Project that is being worked on by members of Occupy Detroit. We have a block of houses that are mostly empty, abandoned, and they have been stripped of so much. There is no electric, no water, no gas. The pipes, hot water heaters, sinks, toilets, windows, doors, and more have been pulled by scrappers. We are working to reverse this fate by placing people empowered with working on these houses in the community.

We do need support - materials, labor, and time. If you can lend support please send an email to

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