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Stephen Boyle is the 2014 Green Party candidate for US Congress Michigan 14th District. |
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I am a photographer, community activist, and technologist. Fashion, youth, music, and film making are areas that I work - I am also open to hearing from others.
I am able to publish your message online, in print, and partner with you in delivering it to an audience you are seeking.

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I am a 30 year old Software Engineer with vast experience in technology. I have quit my job that paid $67,000 a year with medical benefits due to the harrassment and threat of termination from my former supervisor due to his actions that costs the my former company thousands of dollars. Had I stayed, I would’ve been fired to save the company money. In either case, I have been denied unemployment which has resulted me in losing my apartment, car, and food. I have been denied access to all social saftey net programs because I have simply made the decision to quit rather than be fired. I have been without a job for 5 months now even though I am a highly skilled and hard working employee. My income tax of over $2500 has been seized to pay a school loan as well as child support. I have absolutely no income, due to the laws of this country that has made sure people like me have no access to public housing, medical care, or financial assistance. Although things for me have not been the greatest, I will not give up my rights as a human being to live, fight, and change things for the better for myself and people like me who are in my situation. My situation has strengthened my resolve in making sure that I can bring change to a country where change is severely needed. Our politicians need to listen to people without money, instead of people with an overabundance of it. We live in a country where there are empty homes, and homeless people; 24 hour grocery stores with men, women and children are starving to death; Universities that lack students yet millions of potential minds seeking an education; and a Federal Reserve that has countless funds of money yet millions of people in extreme and severe poverty. Where is my government that I paid for? Where is my government where I live? 

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This story is so much like my story set back in 2004. I was fired from my job because I wanted to do more than the job would allow me to do. I needed to change departments out of the Information Technology area, instead I was part of a wave of job cuts that followed.

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