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Stephen Boyle is the 2014 Green Party candidate for US Congress Michigan 14th District. |
Personal Campaign donations here
I am a photographer, community activist, and technologist. Fashion, youth, music, and film making are areas that I work - I am also open to hearing from others.
I am able to publish your message online, in print, and partner with you in delivering it to an audience you are seeking.

I can be reached through
phone   1-313-757-2619

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Detroit protests Keystone XL Pipeline

Where: Meeting at the Michigan Soldiers & Sailors Monument at Campus Martius at 1PM and proceeding to the action in front of Chase Bank, Downtown Detroit at 611 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI

When: Jan 7th, 1-2pm

Who: All people who want a sustainable planet for their children.

Monday January 7th 2013 is a national day of protest to stop the Keystone XL pipeline. Continue reading 

(via Detroit Solidarity Action For The Keystone XL Blockade)

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