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Under the plan:

■ The water department will waive turn-on fees and late payment penalties for customers during the shut-off moratorium through Aug. 25.

■ The department’s customer service, which officials have described as unacceptable, will get a boost with 50% more staff at the call center starting Aug. 18.

■ The city will hold a water affordability fair at Cobo Center on Aug. 23 to help delinquent customers before the shut-off moratorium ends.

■ The down payment to enter a payment plan will be reduced from 30% of the past-due balance to 10%.

■ The department will post a notice at delinquent customers’ homes notifying them their service will be cut off in a week. The department did not give such specific information in the past, encouraging customers to wait and see if their service would actually be shut off, Duggan said.

Mayor Duggan still is disconnected with his responsibility to create work opportunities in the neighborhoods. People will continue to have problems paying their bills when lacking these city services:

  1. Mass transit that is RELIABLE - ON-TIME and doesn’t BREAK-DOWN. If you want to know why the FTA has hesitated on granting M1 Rail $12.2 million - and THIS is the reason why. The RTA has not been positioned to take care of transportation needs of the people living throughout Detroit. Buses must enable everyone access to jobs.
  2. Public lighting must be on throughout the neighborhoods of Detroit - no more darkened streets! It is unacceptable for major roads like Grand River and Gratiot to be in darkness. Streets such as Grand Blvd, Outer Drive and each Mile road need to have lighting. Anywhere a bus runs should have public lights working.
  3. No more outsourcing and NO PRIVATIZATION - what Detroit has experienced under the Emergency Manager and his created water crisis are exactly what leads to privatization. And we know that companies are NOT listening to the public. They execute the orders and contract as written. PUBLIC SERVICES need FULL FUNDING!
  4. Resident employment program must be established and enforced. No more tax abatement with a promise to do good. Corporate good is evident in the outlying neighborhoods of Detroit - this is what corporate good looks like - NO SERVICE other than what they want.
  5. Work program for graduating high school seniors that ensures they are able to gain city service employment upon graduation. No more graduates without paying jobs! This city needs to employ young workers raised from within.

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